Photo by Romina Reciado Pérez


We are so excited to tell you about what the Aventureros are up to now! They have begun a four week long campaign that sends them into the Bahía de los Ángeles community to pick up litter and solicit donations and pledges for their community service! They are hoping to raise funds so that they can take a whale watching trip to Guerrero Negro. The experience is also allowing the kids to work on building goal-setting skills, strategizing to meet their goals, maintaining a personal ledger, ownership of the program, and public speaking.

These true eco-warriors have a strong passion and they are dedicated to the conservation of their community! There are a few ways that you can support them! You can help by doing any (or all) of the following:

1. Making a one-time, flat and simple donation to Aventureros!
2. Making a pledge per pound of trash collected by the Aventureros!
3. Collect in your Community! Pledge to pick-up some trash in your own community to add to our trash-a-thon total!

If you are interested in supporting Aventureros by donating or pledging, please see this form!

Photo by Brendan McGrath

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