Thank you for your interest in visiting the Vermilion Sea Institute (VSI) field stations: the Vermilion Sea Field Station and Rancho San Gregorio. To start a conversation about bringing a group to either site, email info@vermilionseainstitute.org and let us know what you’re imagining. We’ll help you make it happen!

VSI has hosted scientists, conservationists, educators, and students since the 1970’s and, in particular, has fostered strong and empowering relationships with the communities at each of our station locations.

We invite students and researchers to visit our field stations but we also welcome “aspiring naturalist” who may be people from any walk of life that carry a love and appreciation for nature. An aspiring naturalist is anyone who wishes to experience the wonders of the Baja desert and Sea of Cortez for themselves while also demonstrating the utmost respect to both the natural world and the Mexican culture.

We encourage and will happily facilitate aspiring naturalist participation in one of various citizen science programs that are currently underway in each location.


The Vermilion Sea Field Station and Rancho San Gregorio are first and foremost facilities for researchers and educators in the environmental sciences. The stations can accommodate individuals or groups up to 25 people. At the Vermilion Sea Field Station, all reservations include access to the station lower level consisting of 3 dormitory rooms with several cots for sleeping, three large multipurpose rooms, library, natural history exhibit room, two changing/bucket shower rooms, two half bathrooms (bucket-flushed), full restaurant-style kitchen, garage, and veranda. There is no air conditioning but there are several fans available for use.

At Rancho San Gregorio, all reservations include access to a large, central meeting house, a three-room basic dormitory with several cots for sleeping, two bathrooms (bucket-flushed), a changing/bucket shower room, rustic kitchen and outdoor oven. There is no air conditioning and very limited electricity which is restricted for urgent communication needs.

All fees are per person per day and in USD unless otherwise noted:

Visitor Type International National (Mexican)
Undergrad Student $20 $10
Graduate Student $25 $10
Interns/Assistants $25 $10

PhD Level Researchers

& Postdocs

$30 $15
Aspiring Naturalist $30 $15

*Rates subject to change.

*Scholarships funding might be available.


Meal Package:

A meal package including three meals, water, and a snack per person for each full day at the field stations can be included for $30/person/day. The meal cost is the same across the visitor categories.

Please download our 2020 Facilities Fees Schedule for more information on the pricing and resources available at each of our field stations.