The VSI Fellows Program


Through the VSI Fellows Program, VSI provides scientific, legal, or other technical expertise to local environmental organizations, as well as entrepreneurs undertaking business practices that will improve a society’s sustainability or resource management. Often, local organizations and entrepreneurs are most familiar with environmental problems in their immediate vicinity, and are best positioned, both politically and socially, to achieve solutions. However, they may be under-supported in certain technical fields. VSI can help small organizations and operations fill this gap by providing the right team.

VSI fellows span a wide range of disciplines, have varied experiences and backgrounds, and are at different points in their careers. But they all share several vital characteristics. First, every VSI fellow has an exceptional level of expertise and ability in a technical field relevant to sustainable development; be it in law, engineering, statistics, agriculture, mathematical modeling, finance, or another discipline, every fellow had demonstrated truly special capabilities. Second, fellows also have a profound personal commitment to promoting healthy communities that live in a sustainable and successful relationship with their environment. And third, fellows are adept at bringing their unique expertise efficiently into an entirely novel organizational context.



Our Fellows


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