Hello, World!

Hi VSI World!

By Lane McDonald

This is Lane McDonald, father to the beloved Meghann McDonald.  She said you were starting a “Reflections Column” on the VSI webpage and asked if I would write a few words.  I have no idea what I’ll say but I’ll be happy to contribute.  Just the thought of reflecting on the Baja Experience with all of you makes me smile.  

You are such a wonderful and amazing group.  You have been doing such great things with the classes at the Vermilion Sea Field Station and with all your work and contributions.  I visited the station for a week over the holidays and was amazed at how nice the place looks.  The graffiti on the walls continues to blossom and show the spirit of all of you that have spent time in the old historic building.  When writing and painting pictures on the walls first started, it was on the bathroom walls… about five decades ago… I challenged the class if they had something to say that they wanted to put on the walls, I was in support of the idea… and all I asked was that they get together and make it a group communication.  I had no idea that it would lead to what one sees on coming into your Field Station today. People come back from years ago to see their mural… each one has a story and many memories behind it.  

Is that a good way to begin a Reflections Column?  Remembering that your “home away from home” (now and always) in Bahia de Los Angeles is, among other things, a series of reflections and history… from gold miners looking for their fortunes, to biologists and naturalists mapping out the flora and fauna of this natural wonderland… to generations of students coming of age by examining their interrelationship with the living world.  I feel amazingly fortunate to have had the opportunity to share that wonderful world with you.  Thanks for the memories.