Empowering Communities for a Sustainable Future

The Vermilion Sea Institute fosters sustainable and enriching relationships between human societies and the ecosystems that support them.


The Aventureros program helps remove barriers for local youth to access Bahía’s marine and terrestrial ecosystems. We believe that with exploration comes wonder, with wonder comes inspiration, and with inspiration comes knowledge, care, pride, and protection.

Help Us Save The Sea

At the Vermilion Sea Institute, we engage our local community alongside visiting students, scholars and researchers in science-based programs that strive to build a more sustainable future. Our interdisciplinary approach to research in ecological, cultural, economic and sociopolitical aspects of environmental issues inspires and educates our future leaders.

Local Engagement

Educating and empowering Bahía’s next generation of conservation leaders.

Photo by Kirk Lightfoot

Community Science

Combining adventure and immersion in nature with the opportunity to participate in meaningful marine science research.

Photo by Jack Didier

Education Partnerships

Hosting elementary through graduate-level educational programs that examine ecosystems from multi-disciplinary perspectives.

Photo by Meghann McDonald

Research Opportunities

Welcoming professional scientists and students alike to our facility to study the wonders of Bahía de los Ángeles.

Photo by Courtney Baxter

Photo by Courtney Baxter

Sometimes we believe that conservation is this neatly wrapped package that can only be done by the giants of our world. In reality, conservation happens every day – it’s messy, it’s small, it’s important, it’s all of us, and all of those little actions add up.

- Meghann McDonald, Executive Director

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